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A funeral is best defined as an assembly of family and friends gathered to reflect on the life of a person who died and was once loved by all who are present. Our funeral home can offer you a variety of service options to accommodate any visitation and ceremony requests. Disposition preferences can be; burial, entombment, cremation, or donation to science.

When burial is chosen, it is usually following a ceremony either at the funeral home or a church. Prior to the ceremony or funeral service, families commonly prefer to have a visitation or wake normally held in the afternoon or evening hours. An entombment is basically the same service but the casketed body is placed in a crypt of a mausoleum instead of in the ground.

If cremation is chosen as the final disposition, the family may chose to have a visitation and ceremony, along with a burial of cremains. The cost of services can be modified because of several factors; such as rental casket verses purchase, urn purchase verses burial vault, and even the grave opening for cremains is about half the cost. In choosing a cremation, a memorial service with or without cremains present can be held at a later date when all family members can attend.

With the intention of donating the remains of a loved one to science, there are certain criteria which must be met to satisfy the Anatomical Gift Association. We can explain these qualifications to you. Cremated remains are returned to the family after being used for study. A memorial service is usually held shortly after death.

There are multiple package variations our directors can create for your family. They are mainly based on the length of time for visitation and/or the funeral service ceremony. The hours for visitation are usually within the time from of 2 to 9 p.m. However you can certainly decide based on your specific needs.

Families we serve are welcome and encouraged to create a personalized service by incorporating different elements such as; floral arrangements, video or photo displays, placement of personal objects that were important to the deceased loved one, for example; trophies, awards, craft tools, or sports equipment .

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